Frozen Tides: Morgan Rhodes

This morning I finished reading Frozen Tides, the fourth and thus-far final book of the Falling Kingdoms series (although there are supposed to be six so far, so no worries.) Overall impressions: it was good. I liked it. But I also hated it. Not because it ruined the series or anything, but it had a lot of gray scenarios and character deaths, and that’s always difficult to read through.

First of all! I can’t believe Lysandra died. I mean, I guess I should have expected it but I actually thought she’d been elevated to “untouchable main character” status, like Jonas or Cleo. I guess not, because she erupted into a burning ball of fire. It was very sad, especially since she’d finally had her feelings returned by Jonas, but at least she’ll join her brother somewhere… man, her last words were “I love you.” Sort of, because she never got to finish them. Lysandra’s death is super tragic, but I feel like Jonas will move on really quickly over the next two books– which I’m kind of sad about, because I felt like they were a really sincerely in-love couple that could have evolved into the badass warrior family later on in the future. But now they can’t.
Because Lys erupted into a gigantic ball of fire.

Lucia annoyed me so much in this book. I think she’s supposed to come off as someone you can sympathize with, considering how everyone used her, but I just… couldn’t feel bad for her. Maybe it’s because in Gathering Darkness, she was just as spoiled and bratty. In this book, it only gets worse; she’s also blind with rage. I kind of like that she despises Alexius, and it looks like her pregnancy (which hey hey, I predicted correctly,) is making her act with a bit more common sense. I’m worried that Timotheus is going to die, because I like him, and he’s the only character that stands up to Lucia, but I don’t know… pretty sure Kyan will kill him later. Speaking of Kyan, that’s also an annoying character right there, but Lucia is definitely at the top of my “dislike” list. She’s just so… obnoxious. About everything.

Amara. I started to like her at the beginning of this novel; I thought she was going to redeem herself. I can sympathize with her because all her life, all she’s wanted to do is prove that she’s not some kind of trophy– she’s an actual person with actual power, and she can decide her own future. Unfortunately, her crazy grandmother has filled her head, and her heart, with so much hatred that she crosses too many uncrossable lines to ever come back from the darkness. She’s absolutely a supposed-to-be feminist turned misandrist, but also, she has a murderous streak. So no, I don’t like her either. Also, she gets really weird later on in the novel; I guess it’s because she proves that there is no “low” that she won’t stoop to. I mean, she marries Gaius. Who is old enough to be her father. C’mon, Amara. Have some self-respect. I do have to say that I appreciate how much time she spends feeling guilty over Ashur’s death; I think that it really gave her character depth. If she was just this insane, power-hungry sociopath, she wouldn’t be nearly as interesting.

I think that my favorite character so far in this novel, at least out of the ones recently introduced, is Felix. He’s suave and cocky and he meets his match in the prisons in this book, and I’m so glad that he got saved because he’s coolio. Also, now that his eye has been torn out, he gets to wear a pirate eye patch. That’ll make him a ton more interesting. And of course, the hatred he holds for Amara will also make for an interesting meet-up later on. Also, I hope we get to see more of his bromance with Jonas, because the two of them are great complements. Jonas is hotheaded when Felix is calm, Felix is hotheaded when Jonas is calm, one is impulsive and the other one thinks things through, both were in love with Lysandra… who erupted into a ball of flames.

And then finally, Magnus and Cleiona. All I really have to say is that their relationship certainly warmed up very fast, but I kind of like the way that it played out. I like seeing their conflict and the animosity that they have towards each other; hatred is always fun between two love interests. But that fades out in this book and actually becomes true love when Cleo is taken by Amara and Gaius, and Magnus believes that she’s been killed. That’s when he stops being an idiot and starts acting like an actual human being, and it’s a nice change of pace. Instead of being like “ugh, no, we lost the best hatred relationship in this story,” I felt like, “oh thank God Magnus isn’t being stupid anymore.”

Anyways, it’s late and I’m tired. This series is good; definitely recommend it.


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