The Crown’s Fate: Evelyn Skye

I really enjoyed The Crown’s Game, which came previously to The Crown’s Fate, but I feel like something changed. Was it the writing? There was such a lack of intrigue in this novel, which is so disappointing because I remember feeling like The Crown’s Game was very Night Circus-esque. The writing felt like lines and lines of mindless description– like Ms. Skye was rushing through the story just to get it over-with. My biggest problem was that this book was not fun to read.

It wasn’t horrible. It just wasn’t good.

Yuliana and Pasha were, in my opinion, the most obnoxious characters in this story. We’re supposed to sympathize with them but Yuliana is a brat and has no redeeming qualities, and Pasha is a pushover who we’re supposed to root for as the tsar? He’s so weak, though. The country is honestly better off without him. I feel like Nikolai actually would have been a better ruler. And though Pasha’s supposed to have come to this realization that he wants to be tsar and he would be a good tsar somewhere in the middle, he really only wants the position because it’s his birthright; not because he actually cares about his country and people. And this would be fine, if the author wasn’t trying to paint him as the golden boy.

Yuliana is just real annoying. She’s supposed to be the more efficient half of the kingdom but she does all of Pasha’s work for him, and she’s a jerk to everyone else. I don’t understand how she was supposed to be a character we grew attached to. And how is she content to just sit on the side and let everyone else run the kingdom when she’s the one who has been doing all the hard work? She made no sense; she probably would have been a good villain but?? I don’t understand what happened there.

Nikolai and his mom were weird. I didn’t really understand the mom’s role; she’s just there to infect him with her bad magic and then she eventually dies. Which is really anticlimactic because she had this really creepy character going, but then she drops dead halfway through the book. I mean, Nikolai kills her so I guess that’s a character-development thing for him but it was pretty disappointing. And Nikolai was basically a toddler throwing a tantrum through the whole story– I got the impression that he was more upset at the fact that Vika, who he’s known for like a month, presumably isn’t in love with him because she chose Pasha, rather than his state of being in ante-death and the trauma of having died. It just didn’t make any sense. And good lord Nikolai really needed to get his shiz together because seriously, every other one of his lines was “I can’t believe she chose him… instead of me.”

The only person I liked is Vika. She was still cool. But the rest of this story was subpar. You know another thing that annoys me? If you’ve ever read The Night Circus, you’ll know how gorgeously magic was described in that story. Even in The Crown’s Game, we get really detailed, enthralling descriptions. But this book just skims over the magic like “oh yeah Nikolai waved and thousands of small stone birds burst into the sky,” like what happened to the meticulously painted picture that we got in the first book? What happened between then and now?

Man, I’m just so upset that this story wasn’t anything compared to The Crown’s Game, which I had really high hopes for. I think the only good thing I can say about this is that Ms. Skye researched Russian culture thoroughly and it shows. But honestly? I would give this sequel a hard pass. Just pretend it doesn’t exist.

Oh, and the ending? The ending was ridiculous. It was so convenient and so hastily wrapped up. Literally the plot to the entire book is resolved in under ten sentences. So that was very very disappointing. And that’s basically what my opinion is of this entire book: utterly disappointing.


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